Getting file system information

The File class includes the following static properties that provide some useful information about the file system:

Property Description
File.lineEnding The line-ending character sequence used by the host operating system. On Mac OS and Linux, this is the line-feed character. On Windows, this is the carriage return character followed by the line-feed character.
File.separator The host operating system's path component separator character. On Mac OS and Linux, this is the forward slash (/) character. On Windows, it is the backslash (\ character.

The Capabilities class also includes useful system information that can be useful when working with files:

Property Description
Capabilities.language Specifies the language code of the system on which the player is running.
Capabilities.os Specifies the current operating system.

Note: Be careful when using Capabilities.os to determine system characteristics. If a more specific property exists to determine a system characteristic, use it. Otherwise, you run the risk of writing code that does not work correctly on all platforms. For example, consider the following code:

var separator:String;
if (Capablities.os.indexOf("Mac") > -1)
    separator = "/";
    separator = "\\";

This code leads to problems on Linux. It is better to simply use the File.separator property.

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